Lost mobile phone

On 14. Juli 2012 by Ben


l lost my mobile phone in one of your taxis tonight and i am happy to give a 50euro reward for it to be returned. strangely, my phone does not work as a phone in europe (i am Canadian) and so the only way to contact me is through email. my phone was left in your taxi on the night of july 13-14 at about 1am and it is an iphone with a black rubber cover.

thank you for your time. i can be reached at this email address and will be in Germany for the next week.

thank you,
Therese C.

Hi there,

Firstly sorry that I speak no german – but on wednesday night at about 1.30am i caught a taxi from prenzlauberg to waschuaer strasse, friedrichschain and I left my iphone in the taxi! It is a black iphone 4s with a red cover on it, has it been handed in?
I would be ever so grateful if it has been!!!
Thank you,

If you found it please wrote at: google at taxi-berlin.de